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        Contact us Email Message 中文版 上海廣其頓眾化工設備有限公司,處于上海市開發之源的南大門---奉賢區林海公路6728號

        • Metal bellows series
        • Metal hose series
        • Shock absorption、Soft connection
        • Custom compensator

        Company advantage


        Ten years of production strength precipitated to create industry benchmark enterprises 10 years?

        of production strength precipitation to build industry benchmarking enterprises
        It is a large-scale enterprise integrating product development, production and sales.
        It has a rich foundation, of which 25% are college graduates.


        With automatic extrusion equipment, the production process adopts intelligent full automation control;

        More than 1,000 customers provide products, standardized laboratories, strict implementation of various testing indicators, and 100% guarantee the reliability of product quality.


        Guang its Dayton for the industry's leading manufacturers, mass production, low cost, 

        factory direct sales. Guangqidunzhong batch production, low cost, factory direct sales.

        First-hand supply, no intermediate links, parity sales for you to save money.


        High-tech custom production process, the full range, to meet different customer needs.

        Up to 10,000 kinds of mold models, high precision and easy to install, complete color system.


        7X24-hour service system 10 minutes to respond to customer calls, so that you can solve product problems at any time, we can guarantee your interests.

        About us

        I. the company's land conditions    Shanghai wide, its the chemical equipment co., LTD. The plot is located in new district in Shanghai lingang fta green port economic park Lin hai highway road no. 6728, 104 plate, industrial land, covers an area of 20 mu, building area of 7200.81 ㎡, has now use 7200.81 ㎡, company is suitable for the standard production workshop, is the development of the Shanghai central south gate, the hometown of fish and rice. II. The company's production and business scope, technological process and main raw materials involved    The main business scope of the project: titanium alloy, nickel alloy, hardenite alloy, stainless steel, copper, aluminum, zirconium, tetrafluoride, rubber and other high-end materials such as bellow...






        1 Heat treatment is a process that changes the internal structural domain of a solid metal by heating and cooling it and obtains the desired properties. The heat treatment in the manufacturing proc...
        The pump is usually connected to a certain pipe. Therefore, the working condition of the water pump in the pipeline is not simply to find the flow rate and pressure from the product performance par...
        A metal expansion joint is subjected to a lateral force at a free end. Qualitatively speaking, it can be bent. In quantitative terms, what is the minimum value of its bending radius? This has a dir...


        Add: No. 6728, Linhai Road, Fengxian District, Shanghai
        Tel: 021-57563893
        Mob: +8613621697720

        Email: t-shi@shgqdz.com

        Business: Mr Tony Shi

        Copyright © Shanghai Guang its Dayton Public Chemical Equipment Co., Ltd.
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